Why FindingPheno 

Multi-omics data analysis for genotype-phenotype associations

The generation of large-scale biological data sets is exploding. Genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics of both host and microbiome...

But! The methods to integrate and exploit this data do not keep up.

FindingPheno is answering this call.

Hologenomics is key to our success 

By identifying and integrating biological signals in multi-omics data under this powerful framework, we can finally find what causes the rich and varied observable traits (phenotype) of a living being.

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Computational Tools

Developing new computational tools for untangling host-microbiome interactions in multi-omic data sets.

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Research Collaboration

EU-funded research collaboration with eight academic, research and industry partners from across Europe.

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Tool Validation

Validating our tools against commercially relevant test cases for more sustainable food production.