D1.1 Plan for Dissemination and Exploitation of Project Results (PDER) - draft

The PDER analyses stakeholders to identify targeted groups, define key messages, outline relevant communication channels and plan related project activities. 

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D1.2 Visual identity and project  website for FindingPheno released

Lays out a uniform visual
identity across the project's  communication materials and platforms.

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D1.3 Stakeholder Synergy Meeting

This deliverable report on the project's first external event, the Stakeholder Synergy Meeting held in Copenhagen on 27 October 2021.

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D1.4 Report on dissemination, training and networking activities in FindingPheno

The Report describes and summarizes dissemination, training and networking actions conducted during the project's first 18 months and their impact.

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D5.1 Knowledge resources for chicken, salmon and maize

Offers a list of external public
databases with evolutionary and biological knowledge that can be integrated into the project's statistical methods.

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D8.1 Plenary kick-off meeting, including minutes

Documents the project's inaugural Kick-Off Meeting.

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D6.1 Summary on challenges in curating public data to apply FindingPheno's solutions

Examines use of the European Nucleotide Archive as a starting point to identify suitable public databases for the construction of statistical models in the project and their subsequent evaluation in elucidating genotype-phenotype associations.

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